I hate my scars! What can I do?
Scars often result from accidental injury or surgery and can certainly be improved. If you are troubled by your scar, whether it is raised, depressed, or just a discolouration, there are usually ways of making it look better. Treatment strategies have evolved from simple creams and steroid injections to laser treatments or combination therapy using different methods.

When should I start treating my scar?
Do I need to wait 6-12 months before treating? The latest recommendation is now for EARLY treatment of scars for a better final outcome, which is contrary to the previous belief that treatment should start only after scars have matured. We can treat surgical scars as early as 2-3 weeks after the stitches are removed. Early treatment can often lead to the scar looking much less obvious and having an excellent cosmetic outcome.

I have several red, raised itchy keloid scars on my chest and arms. How are keloids treated?
Raised scars such as hypertrophic or keloid scars are very common in Asians, especially over areas such as the chest, back or even earlobes. They may appear after surgery, vaccination, or arise from pimples or ear piercings. These are often disfiguring, itchy and painful. Combining VBEAM laser and steroid injections can often lead to effective lightening and flattening of these scars, as well as stopping the itch and pain. For keloids on earlobes, we usually combine CO2 laser treatment with monthly steroid injections with excellent results.

I have depressed scars from acne and chickenpox on my face. Can these be treated?
Yes depressed scars that appear sunken into the skin are often seen in patients who have had bad acne, after chickenpox or even accidental injuries. These depressed scars can be effectively treated using the fractional CO2 laser to increase collagen formation to fill in these depressions. A series of 4-5 treatments are typically performed every month, and improvement of 40-50% can usually be observed.

After my acne has improved, I am left with unsightly red and brown marks. What can I do?
Discolouration of the skin after acne or skin inflammation is one of the most common conditions we see. These can be effectively treated using lightening creams as well as gentle lasers with minimal downtime. The VBEAM laser is highly effective and red marks can be visibly lightened after just a few sessions. The Genesis or Excel V laser can be used to gently lighten brown marks and work especially well for uneven discolouration on the face.

Is scar treatment painful?
Most patients undergo scar treatment with minimal discomfort. In some cases, numb cream is applied for 30-45 mins before the laser treatment to optimise comfort. Usually 4-5 monthly sessions may be needed. If steroid injections are required, they can be a little uncomfortable, much like an ant bite. Subsequent treatments are usually less painful once the scar softens. An unsightly scar can cause embarrassment and may be an unwelcome reminder of a traumatic incident or a surgical procedure. There are now many ways of treating scars with excellent results and quick recovery. Early treatment of scars is gaining popularity and is highly recommended.