Skin pigmentation or brown spots on the face are very common, especially in Asians. Sun exposure, hormonal changes, and previous inflammation in the skin can all contribute to skin pigmentation. Pigmentation may present at different ages:.

  • Birth - brown birthmarks such as café au lait, naevus of Ota
  • Childhood/adolescence – freckles, Becker’s naevus
  • Middle age - sun spots or solar lentigines, melasma, Hori’s naevus

Our highly experienced dermatologist will assess you carefully before embarking on any treatment as some pigmentation may worsen after aggressive laser treatment e.g. melasma.


  • Sun protection is the first line treatment of any pigmentation.
  • Lightening creams that are of a high medical grade and only available on prescription can help lighten superficial pigmentation.
  • Oral tablets such as tranexamic acid and phytofloral are new additions in our battle against melasma, and provides excellent lightening for most patients.
  • Pigment lasers can be very effective for skin pigmentation. We use pigment lasers that deliver excellent results and yet have a low risk of post laser pigmentation. As we have a range of lasers available, we can help you choose the pigment laser that best suit your needs. If your busy schedule does not allow for any post laser downtime, we use our gentlest pigment laser that can gradually lighten your pigmentation over several sessions and yet allow you to pop straight to lunch after treatment. If you prefer a more aggressive treatment over fewer sessions, we can adopt a faster approach which entails some downtime. Very often, our patients favour a complete rejuvenation of the entire face. We are experts at combining lasers to improve texture, pore size, fine lines and pigmentation, all in the same session, giving you the superstar treatment.

    Any laser treatment is most effective when performed by a trained and qualified doctor. Your dermatologist will have an honest discussion with you about the different laser treatments, the predicted outcomes, the estimated number of treatments required, and the possible downtime or complications. Your dermatologist, using reliable and high-grade lasers, will perform all laser procedures, aiming for optimal results with the lowest possible risk.


Dr Ho has always had a deep interest in the use of lasers for the management of skin pigmentation, tattoos and skin rejuvenation, resulting in collaborative studies with eminent Hong Kong and Singapore dermatologists and the publication of several scientific articles and book chapters.

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